Word of the Day – Income Shifting 

What is Income Shifting? 

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Skeptics Never Prosper 

Dragging your feet and being skeptical will keep you complacent. You will never know if you can do something unless you put action forth. You determine your outcome and your position – choose wisely. 
Do something constructive with that #refund you received or will receive – start a #homebasedbusiness and:

➡️increase your income by #IncomeShifting

➡️gain a business 

➡️receive FREE credit repair program

➡️gain passive income

➡️learn and start investing

➡️initiate and maintain emergency fund(s)

➡️write-off your lifestyle

All it takes is clarity to get you started 😊

          ➡️ S and R Financial Solutions ⬅️

myEcon Compensation Plan


Starting March 11th, this is your myEcon earning potential by enrolling people in The Personal Financial Success Membership!!! 


The commissions are actually higher for those you personally enroll. 

#HowMuch could this help you and your family? #HowOften are you willing to pass this knowledge forward?

#HowMany people can you Educate with these Financial Concepts & Strategies?

All this… for telling others about this awesome company to help uplift their own PERSONAL Financial situation 🤔🤔🤔

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30for30 Financial Challenge Video 1
Super Excited to be Participating in the 30for30 Financial Challenge!!! 

Check out my husband Randolph Brown with *Part 1* of our 30for30 Financial Video Series. Today’s Topic: Meeting your 2 Financial Objectives. 

If you are interested in joining the challenge or would like more info, TxT *2 Objectives* to 609-775-9798. 

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From The Heart…..

I speak from experience. I’ve been broke, living paycheck to paycheck, and just barely making it. I share because I generally care and want others to know that that life doesn’t have to be yours. 

Stop living in fear of others knowing your situation shame will continue to block your blessings so speak up and get the assistance you deserve and need – no one is judging. 

If I can be a light to those in darkness, I will continue down this path in the hopes of others recognizing their worth and potential. Only you can change you so get to work because the reward will be well worth it! 

Financial Literacy, Freedom, and Independence is the aim and goal because nothing else will help you in this day and age – get in the know.