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The “Fuck Its”!!

Hi, for those who don’t know me, my name is Shamekia Brown. I’m apart of #InvestInYou1st along with my husband and we help individuals enhance their #personalfinancialsituation while learning and building wealth.

Today, I want to talk to you about an attitude that we can often find ourselves possessing… the “Fuck Its ”!! Now, this generally happens when one is stressed and pushed to capacity regarding not having enough money to take care of our daily wants and needs.

I’ve found myself having the “Fuck Its” at different points in my life. Tired of paying bills, tired of my job, tired of my needs not being met, or being able to have my wants and dreams financially fulfilled. Feeling defeated, I would give into my urges to shop the pain away, eat the pain away, or to not pay a bill or two…even stealing from Peter to pay Paul just so we could indulge and feel like everyone else (what I thought was “normal”). We deserved it especially after busting out asses daily never reaping any reward.

Little did I know, I was digging my own grave financially and found myself in #debt and broke. I believe that the #financialopportunities that I’m apart of came at the right time in my life. I‘be since did away with my nasty habit and started rebuilding my credit via information received from online and social media groups.

I was learning something that wasn’t taught in school and that’s proper money management. I knew better because my mother was very financially conscious and good with money. I was instructed what not to do and what would happen if I did. A hard head makes a soft behind….

That hard lesson learned has prepared me for the journey to come. Becoming #financiallyfree is my focus, dream, and goal daily. To not be in a place to need ANYONE…no mate nor job and to be self sufficient is what we ALL should strive for. A year ago, I made the BEST decision of my life after gaining knowledge about how important it was to have your money work for you and later.

Becoming a voice for #financialwellness, my job is to help engage, educate, and empower others to want to change their financial situation but first they must change their mindset. You have to want to have more be more…you can have the desires of your heart but you must put action behind words.

NOTHING in life comes FREE or easy. An #invest must be made because you are gaining an #asset (home based business) and building a #business from the grown up. This is a journey not a quick fix situation and creating your own should be celebrated just like getting that dream job.

If you are struggling financially, looking for a means to an end, or longing to upgrade your current situation, please reach out here, text/call 609-337-5658, or email:

$1 Investment Opens Door

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