In The Need of a Financial Blessing??

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Is Early Retirement In Your Future?

Don’t drag your feet on making a decision to better your life. Nothing tops being your own boss and living the life you deserve. If you work currently, I’m sure you don’t want to work forever, so implement a plan to execute an early retirement. A home-based business can be that vehicle to get you to the next level or stage in your life.

Your job can be used as leverage by using a strategy called income shifting were you gain back federal tax monies that have been taken from you throughout the year – get your money back NOW. Many lives are being changed by this strategy that for years only few knew about (the wealthy and privileged).

Change your outlook and open your eyes to the endless possibilities income shifting can afford you. You have the ability to change your circumstances but you must take action. Its cost you literally $1.13 a day ($34.95 a mos.) to gain access to our Financial Success Membership that can set you up for Financial Freedom.

Give US 30 days to help you:

🔶increase your take home pay (w2 wage earners)

🔶receive your initial investment back two-fold ($35)

🔶set up a plan to eliminate debt (if applicable)

🔶initiate and maintain emergency fund(s)

🔶start investing monies received (if applicable)

🔶fund other business ventures (if applicable)

🔶get on the track to Financial Freedom

🔶add value and financial structure to your current situation



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Best $35 SPENT!!

Do you know what comes with your myEcon Membership and $34.95/month? Here are 21 Benefits!!!

1) $1 million in Identity Theft Protection (but you have to enter your information for it to work)

2) Smart Money Kit – DIY Credit Repair (a system to help you get your credit score to 750+, but you need to watch and apply the training for it to work)

3) CashFlow Manager Software – keep track of your personal expenses and multiple businesses. If you do not have great records, you cannot maximize your tax benefits.

4) Free and Discounted Legal Services (check out all of the free services)

5) Tax Advice and Preparation

6) A retail website and company that ships items and provides customer service for all products sold.

7) Financial Literacy Training – over forty hours of training and information between your website and the EDM Training website.

8)More training and education – weekly calls and webinars

9) Discount Travel that gives you cash back after your trip

10) Discounted online shopping (and cashback)

11) $200-$500 in grocery coupons each month

12) Mentorship from actually millionaires (but you need to reach out and connect)

13) At least 5 cashflow streams

14) Multiple potential income streams

15) Unlimited earning potential

16) Training on how to market and advance a business online (Online Marketing $13.95/mo), which includes how to make capture pages, websites, automatic mailers, selling on Ebay and Amazon and more (for your myEcon business or other businesses)

17) Many destination events include investment education/training that usually costs $1500 at a firm.

18) A legitimate business to help reduce your taxable income

19) Access to common and uncommon tax deductions

20) Ability to increase your take home pay on your job by correcting your W4 and turning it over to add to your allowances.

21) New marketable skillsets in business management, finance, correcting W4’s and understanding credit.

And I know I am missing some things.